Society of diocesan priests founded in 1663
by Blessed François de Laval, first bishop of Quebec

The SME initials for "Séminaire des Missions Étrangères" (Seminary of Foreign Missions) brings us back to the origins of the Quebec Seminary. The blessed François de Laval, who had signed the request for the foundation of the Séminaire des Missions-Étrangères of Paris, proceeded, in 1663, with the foundation of its twin brother in Québec and, on January 19, 1665, united it with that of Paris. This union will last until the Conquest. Thus, eleven superiors were appointed by the Séminaire des Missions-Etrangères of Paris. After the English conquest, another chapter was inaugurated in the history of the Quebec Seminary, but the SME initials continued to be used as a heritage and a desire to be faithful to the vocation of the Seminary in new social and cultural contexts. The SME monogram still surmounts the carriage gateway of the Old Seminary at 1, Côte de la Fabrique, in Old Québec.

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