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Mis à jour 30 octobre 2005

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    aux congressistes de l'Association des directeurs spirituels de l'Amérique du Nord à la réception offerte par le Séminaire de Québec le 28 octobre 2005

    En français

    Monsieur le cardinal Ouellet,
    Monsieur le Supérieur général du Séminaire,
    Chers amis directeurs spirituels,

    En anglais

    It is now my turn to extend to you our most cordial welcome in our Major Seminary. It is both an honor and a joy for us to greet inside our walls the participants in this annual conference of the Federation of the Seminary Spiritual Directors, conference to which we feel it is a duty to send one of us year after year.

    A few informal words on the features of the present Major Seminary. Even if the rector is young, the total years of experience of my team add up to 103 yearsŠI'm sure this will comfort youŠ

    Seriously, our Evaluation and Orientation Council is made up of 8 persons, 6 diocesan priests of Quebec (including Louis-André, André and Louis C.) and two women of whom one is sister and the other is a lay woman long involved in the Church.

    We take care here mainly of the spiritual, human and pastoral dimensions in the formation of candidates. The intellectual dimension is assumed, as a partner, by the School of Theology of Laval University founded by the Quebec Seminary in 1852.

    We now have 32 seminarians coming from 11 different dioceses (10 from the Quebec province and 2 from New Brunswick). 6 are now in the first year of preparation, 11 in the first cycle theological studies, 8 in a 2-year pastoral internship and, finally, 7 seminarians are in the 2nd cycle studies and immediately preparing to be ordained as deacons and priests. The normal training curriculum has a 7 year duration; I stress "normal" because many will have a different curriculum length taking into account their life experience, which may shorten their training by one or two years.

    The average age of our candidates is around 39 , the youngest being 22 and the oldest 58Š; it is quite a challenge to accompany all of these people with the diversity of personal evolutions that it implies.

    You will not run into many seminarians in the house tonight since they are beginning today their "reading week", on the occasion of the half-session and they take advantage of this to return to their dioceses and their families. However, the few seminarians who have accepted the various liturgical services, (I thank them by the way for their help) will stay with us for the meal, which will give you the opportunity to talk to them, if you haven't already done so.

    Enough talking. I hope these few elements of information will have given you a glimpse of the reality of our Major Seminary. I also hope my lack of fluency in English was not too hard on your ears.

    Again, I reiterate our joy to welcome you among us. Thank you for choosing Quebec City for your get-together this year. Have a pleasant stay among us!

    MARIO CÔTÉ, ptre
    Supérieur du Grand Séminaire de Québec
    Le 28 octobre 2005

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